Counting down to our big trip

Its just under four weeks to go till we set off on our adventure, I can’t quite believe it. Over the next 4 weeks we’ll be packing the whole house up and ticking off a huge to-do list before the removal truck comes along and takes everything into storage.  As July gets closer i'm wondering… Continue reading Counting down to our big trip

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Mothers Day – Mothering just like any other day..!

8am - What a beautiful day! The weather is perfect here in Brisbane at the moment, a fresh start to the day followed by a perfect 24 degree blue sky. I was determined to get out and enjoy the day seeing as it was mothers day. I joined my friend Ash and her daughter Callie (same… Continue reading Mothers Day – Mothering just like any other day..!

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The Gold (medal) Coast

Travelling with Rocky has got to the point where I feel like I’ve got it down pat. But I forget that each time we go away he’s that little bit older and things change all the time. My mum visited from the uk for a few weeks and we had planned a trip to the… Continue reading The Gold (medal) Coast