William aka ‘Rocky’ born 7th July 2016

This is us…Angie, Ian, and William.

On July 7th 2016 our little boy decided to arrive into the world 3 weeks early here in Brisbane. In a rush to get here? Apparently not! 28 hours of labour later he arrived all battered and bruised and looking like he’d done 15 rounds with Apollo Creed…hence the nickname Rocky.

After leaving my job as a surgical device rep I now stay at home, trying the best I can to bring up our toddler. In reality that basically means trying the best I can to manage the tantrums, stop him from throwing food (actually anything) across the room, and figure out what he’s trying to tell me when I haven’t got a clue what he wants or needs. I know I’m not alone when I say I had great intentions…. feed him lots of veg, no sugar till he’s 2, limited screen time, but a mums got to do what a mums got to do, and if I need 10 minutes to get things done around the house, then he’s getting screen time. And TVs not that bad is it? Some kids shows are actually quite educational, teaching them about numbers, shapes, and about sharing and being polite etc. Little Baby Bums on Netflix has been a saviour at times! And veg… you can forget it, but I didn’t eat veg till I was 18 and it never did me any harm right?

I find that getting him out of the house is a must, he loves the park and we’re lucky enough to be close to the amazing New Farm park and have the weather to enjoy it. Other must do activities during the week are the water play area at Southbank, the library (if only for the air conditioning!), swimming lessons, and catch ups with the incredible friends we’ve made along the way through mothers groups….. I seriously think I may have gone a little insane if it wasn’t for them.

As I mentioned before, we continue to travel and get away at weekends. Rocky has already been to the UK (twice), New Zealand, Sweden, France, Fiji, and Hawaii. We have big travel plans for this year which is why I decided to start this blog. We’ll be heading to Sri Lanka in July for 6 months, and then somewhere else in the world the following 6 months – any suggestions are most welcome! (must have beaches – preferably with surf, be kid friendly, and above 25 degrees celsius)

So I guess you could say this is a toddler/travel blog, or at least it will be when we hit the road. In the meantime we have lots to do to prepare, July will be here before we know it..

SNP airport
Most international airports have strollers available….one less thing to take!!
BNE airport
Brisbane airport on route to the UK – Rocky 10 months old
Easily entertained by the BIG aeroplanes