Things to do in York with kids

School holidays are here and as an add on to my last blog I thought I would mention a few places that are great for kids when visiting York.

As someone who spent their childhood growing up in York I was keen to explore it with my 2.5 year old – known here as Rocky.

I went back to York recently and although it was winter we still found lots to do.

The Homestead Park

There’s lots of parks in and around York but one that sticks in my mind from being a kid is The Homestead Park. With beautiful gardens (which admittedly went unnoticed as a kid as I ran to the swings and slides) the Homestead is a great park for kids and plenty of room for picnics if the weather allows

Creepy Crawlies – The Web Adventure Parkballpool2

If you need an indoor option then this soft play centre is perfect for keeping the kids entertained while you sit back with a cup of tea and watch them hurtle down the slide. There’s also go-karts outside and farm animals to say hello to.

lambfeedingtractorPiglets Adventure Farm

The kids will be entertained all day here whether they’re feeding lambs or riding kid sized tractors. There are big bouncy pillows and play areas themed around everything farm like. Even the little soft play area in the cafe was a hit!

The National Railway Museum

bigtrainrailway museumThis is a great place to take kids, even if they don’t think they like trains, they will after they’ve been here, and not only that but it’s free to get in! Big trains, small trains, miniature trains, old trains, new trains, royal trains, commuter trains, you get the idea.

Yorvik Viking Centre

This is probably Yorks most famous museum, a trip back in time to viking life. Created by archeologists to give you a real sense of what life was like back then. Step into the time machine and take a ride through viking village life.

yorkYork Minister

Pretty spectacular to walk around and view all the stained glass windows and intricate detail. I wanted to take Rocky for a climb up to the top but kids have to be age 8 for this.

Others worth a mention…

York Castle Museum

Cliffords tower

York city walls

York maze

York Dungeon





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