Counting down to our big trip

Its just under four weeks to go till we set off on our adventure, I can’t quite believe it. Over the next 4 weeks we’ll be packing the whole house up and ticking off a huge to-do list before the removal truck comes along and takes everything into storage. 

As July gets closer i’m wondering what on earth i’m going to pack! Even going away for a weekend we manage to fill the car with everything but the kitchen sink! We’re going to be away for a year. Where do I start? I have to decide whats going into storage and whats coming with us. And I already know not a lot is coming with us. Its a great opportunity for a clear out and i’ve already sent some bags of clothes to the red cross through Ubers fantastic partnership (thanks Uber!), sold a few things on Facebook marketplace, and given away some baby clothes to friends who are expecting. 

I intend on travelling light, the first time I took Rocky on a long haul flight I took multiple bottles, blankets, toys, food, books, clothes….. the list went on. I’ve since learnt, however, that I only need one bottle, as the cabin crew can easily clean them for you, and I didn’t need the two blankets I took as there are, of course, hundreds of them on a flight. And if they throw up on them you don’t have to take them with you! Most airlines will also provide baby food and kids meals, but Rocky can be fussy so i’ll take some snacks I know he’ll eat.

I’ve travelled on many flights with Rocky but still I don’t feel as prepared as I should for our flight to Sri Lanka. Each time its different. In the early days, when he wasn’t walking yet, he only went where I put him. He was either in my arms or in the bassinet. More recently, however, he wants to explore a lot more. He’s a lot more active than he used to be so i’m going to have to come up with some creative ideas for keeping him busy.

As for entertainment, the last long haul flight we did was Brisbane to Hawaii (10 hours) and as he wasn’t old enough to be interested in the TV. So, I spent most of the time entertaining him with books and snacks, walking him up and down the plane, and on the iPad (there are some great baby and toddler learning apps…he was practically a child genius by the end of the flight). He’s always been a good sleeper but getting him to sleep on a flight has always been hard. He gets to the point of exhaustion and consequently looses his marbles before finally crashing. Then thats my cue to crash too.

I know a lot of parents who are planning trips with their little ones so here’s some tips on what to pack for the flight…

My hand luggage list, which I’m hoping will fit in my new Land backpack which I LOVE, looks a bit like this..

  • nappies and wipes, and the nappy bags are handy for collecting up rubbish
  • books, he loves them so probably 4 or 5 thin ones!
  • hand sanitiser
  • a couple of small toys such as cars or puzzles
  • flashcards
  • I’ve heard playdough is great on flights, before now he’d probably just eat it. And apparently adding lavender oil may help to calm/soothe them for sleep. Hey, i’ll give anything a go!
  • kids volume limited headphones, for the onboard TV and also the iPad, I bought him some when we went to Hawaii but they were too big, i’m hoping they’ll fit by July when he turns 2.
  • a change of clothes and a onesie for sleep
  • pair of shoes… I love the Attipas ones (sock with rubber sole) as they don’t take up as much room.
  • snacks and water bottle
  • passports!!
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • And for me?… i’ll probably manage to fit in some moisturiser!

8 thoughts on “Counting down to our big trip”

  1. Oh my goodness! Your list of things to do is exhausting just to think about. Good luck on your trip. We are taking a week long camping trip in July and I am already stressing out about what to pack. I cant imagine a long one like this!


  2. OH how fun does this sound! Exhausting, but fun. I haven’t traveled much myself let alone with my two girls props to you and I can’t wait to read what your adventure brings you.


  3. You definitely need to make room for your moisturizer. It’s the best way to feel refreshed on a plane… especially since you’ll have your hands full. 😉 Don’t forget to take care of you, mama!


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