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Mothers Day – Mothering just like any other day..!

cycle8am – What a beautiful day! The weather is perfect here in Brisbane at the moment, a fresh start to the day followed by a perfect 24 degree blue sky. I was determined to get out and enjoy the day seeing as it was mothers day. I joined my friend Ash and her daughter Callie (same age as Rocky) and we met at New Farm park on our bikes. We soon discovered that just because its mothers day doesn’t mean the toddlers magically start behaving like angels… Rocky woke at 5am which is unusual for him (he must’ve been saving that specially for today) and was consequently not happy about anything, including having breakfast, putting clothes on, and trying to get out of the door on time! And Callie was apparently in a similar mood. But hey ho today is all about being a mother right? So we did what mothers do and got on with it. We took our bike ride along the river at New Farm and onto the river walk, along the front of the city and over the bridge at Southbank. Rocky rang the bell at pedestrians as we went along and threw his arms in the air as we went through tunnels. From Southbank we rode along the south side of the river to Kangaroo Point where we stopped at a cafe. The cafe had a playpen! bingo! Well, it didn’t last long as they soon realised food was happening outside the playpen. So we got ourselves set up at a table, moving chairs around to fit highchairs in and moving the salt and pepper out of reach. Phew, now we can relax (kind of) and order some breakfast. How did we even think that would be possible?! Firstly, the waitress tells us the table is reserved and we have to move to a table half the size, so we repeat the process of set up. Then, once our drinks and food arrive the kids have their hands in everything! The muffin we ordered arrived on a plate with chocolate sauce all over it which they loved dipping their fingers in. The muffin was dismissed. We hurriedly finished up and paid at the counter whilst the toddlers ran rings around the cafe. The breakfast whirlwind was done. Now for the park. 

Such fun at the park as they followed each other up the stairs to the two slides next to each other, the trick was to try and video them coming down at the same time, I must’ve tried 10 times and failed. They ran around the park for a while before we sat them in the bike seats and carried on home. I was looking forward to nap time!

12pm – Luckily Rocky slept for 3 hours and I managed to nap for 1.5 hours too. Pure. Bliss. 

3.30pm – I decided I’d like to spend my mothers day afternoon sipping on Aperol Spritz and eating pizza and ice cream, so we walked down to the Powerhouse and grabbed a seat at Watt bar on the river. We kept Rocky quiet with a bowl of peas and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere for a while whilst having conversations of disbelief about the fact we have a nearly 2 year old. Crazy. The Aperol Spritz was amazing. Realising the time and that the hangry toddler may come out any second, we took a walk all the way round the river to Newstead to our favourite pizza place, Italian Street Kitchen. Rocky tucked into his Margarita and was quite happy. It was so nice to have a (fairly) civilised meal out with a toddler – thats not counting of course the water he poured down himself, the food he threw on the floor, or the tongue he stuck out at the waitress. The Aperols were obviously starting to make me delusional. Rocky was on good form considering the time (bedtime) so we decided to stretch the evening out and go for ice cream. Not just any ice cream. La Macelleria Gelateria. Rasberry cheesecake and Salted Caramel. My mothers day was complete.mothersday

1 thought on “Mothers Day – Mothering just like any other day..!”

  1. Now that’s one full Mother’s Day! It sounds great, especially the Aperol Spritz part 🙂


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