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The Gold (medal) Coast

Travelling with Rocky has got to the point where I feel like I’ve got it down pat. But I forget that each time we go away he’s that little bit older and things change all the time. My mum visited from the uk for a few weeks and we had planned a trip to the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games. We arrived at our Airbnb and quickly removed everything at toddler height, I set up his travel cot in my room with me and that night he settled pretty well. The next morning he was a little devil child at breakfast, I think the excitement of having grandma around and being so busy everyday doing exciting things had finally caught up with him and he was tired and grumpy, and to be honest he was spoiling our breakfast, so I said enough is enough and put him in his travel cot for a timeout and shut the bedroom door. A few minutes later the crying had stopped and I was revelling in the idea that he’d actually gone back to sleep! But then I heard a banging noise… banging coming from the other side of the door. As I approached the door to see what was going on I was thinking ‘surely not, surely he’s not climbed out of his cot…??’ I opened the door to Rocky, stood in the middle of the room, starkers naked…..with his nappy on his head. It was hilarious and one of those moments where I was trying so hard not to laugh but couldn’t help myself. I only wish I’d thought quick enough to take a photo.

Once I’d wiped the laughter tears away and got the nappy off his head, I suddenly had the realisation that he’d actually climbed out of his cot. This is the cot I’m taking with us to Sri Lanka, and its the only place I can contain him while were away! So anyway, for the remainder of the week he woke around 6am, climbed out of his cot and got into bed with me, which was pretty cute to be honest, but not ideal. I couldn’t put him down for naps during the day because he just climbed out so naps were on the move in his pram which actually worked out well for us as it meant we could be out and about doing things. Although he’s not climbing out of his big cot at home yet, it was a reminder of whats to come and it made me wonder whether we should be transitioning to a toddler bed yet??

We had an amazing time at the Commonwealth Games, and Rocky was a little trooper. First up was beach volleyball and the atmosphere was great, Rocky and his friend who came along had an absolute ball dancing to the music in between points and even took an interest in watching for a while, the iPad and lots of snacks helped of course. The next day was table tennis and this was extra special as my cousins son, Ross, was playing. It also meant I got to see my cousin, Sally, which was amazing. I was worried about how I would keep Rocky quiet but Sally and I were cheering so hard for Ross that he enjoyed joining in. “Rossi Rossi Rossi!” we’d encourage him to say, the words aren’t quite there yet but he would throw his arms in the air and say “yay!!”. Ross won his game and went on to win the next two games which got him to the final, the gold medal match! Wow what an experience to watch him play, we were all on the edge of our seats. Thank goodness Rocky was so good because I don’t know what i’d have done if he’d have started to cry or scream during the match, I was bringing out every distraction i could…. food, iPad, iPhone, and eventually the dummy! I wasn’t going to miss this…! Match point came around and… Ross won! GOLD!! I had to hold back the tears as I watched him receive his gold medal. We caught up with Ross afterwards and Rocky immediately took to him and the shiny gold medal around his neck. Ross even took him to the table tennis tables outside and played some table tennis with him. Rocky was in his element. Congratulations Ross and thanks for making our Commonwealth Games experience so memorable.


4 thoughts on “The Gold (medal) Coast”

  1. So good to hear you had a great time at the Games. And to see a family member get a gold member….fantastic!


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